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Courses and Collections


These are groups of lessons that are arranged by topic or genre. You can think of any of these courses as small books or a class at your local community college intended for adult extended education. You simply work through a series of tasks, exercises, or tunes that focus on specific mandolin skills. The basic skill level is listed for each course.

NEW!!! What Goes Up... Must Go Down

The videos and exercises included in this course are designed to improve your tone, timing, speed, and confidence, allowing you to play with a relaxed “feel” at any tempo. 

Beginners Corner

This is were it all starts. This course covers holding the mandolin, holding the pick, fretting notes, playing your first few simple melodies, strumming patterns with open chords and anything else you will need to get you going in the world of mandolin playing. Standard notation and tablature downloadable PDF's. Beginner Level

Don's Favorites (fiddle tunes)

This is a collection of common fiddle tunes. Most mandolin players develop skills by learning fiddle tunes. Because the melodies are fairly nimble, they require the proper right hand technique known as alternate picking. Fiddle tunes can also be a study of scales and modes. Every good mandolin player can play at least a few fiddle tunes. Beginner/Intermediate Level.

EZ Classical Duets (minuets)

This is a collection of 9 easy, but beautiful minuets by Telemann, Krieger, Clarke, Bach and Mozart, arranged for two mandolins. These are great for getting your sight reading together as they are not too difficult. Standard Notation and Tablature. Beginner/Intermediate Level

Long Journey Home: Building a Traditional Bluegrass Style Break

Learning fiddle tunes and instrumentals are great but most of the time bluegrass bands tend to sing bluegrass songs were the musicians are expected to take instrumental breaks. This 6 step program will give you a solid foundation in how to construct a traditional bluegrass mandolin break for the song Long Journey Home (the two dollar bill song). This technique can then be used on any bluegrass song to create a traditional sounding mandolin break. Intermediate Level

Getting To Know The Notes

"Notes are like people in that they like it when you remember their names". This set of timed exercises will have you learning the notes by name and finding the location of notes on each string. Intermediate Level

Get Rhythm Pt.1

Let's face it, when we play music with other people, the vast majority of our time is spent playing chords and rhythm. This course will have you playing a variety of strumming patterns in common 4 keys making it easy to jump into the jam. Beginner/Intermediate Level

David Benedict's One Stop Double Stop Shop

Double stops or playing two notes at once is a common bluegrass mandolin technique. David walks you through some common double stop shapes, then shows how to use this in the song Bury Me Beneath The Willow. Intermediate Level 

David Benedict's Waltz Warehouse

David Benedict teaches seven great waltzes that sound great on the mandolin. Each tune uses a specific mandolin technique that not only sounds great but will expand your musical vocabulary.

David Benedict's Jivin' On the Jigs

Irish Jigs are popular and sound great on the mandolin but offer some right hand challenges. David Benedict unlocks some of the secrets of playing jigs on the mandolin while teaching seven great jigs. 

David Benedict's Mandolin Mondays

Many of you may be familiar with David Benedict's Mandolin Mondays series of mandolin videos that have been featured on the Mandolin Cafe in 2016. Mandolins Heal The World has formatted these videos to work in Soundslice, so you can slow them down and loop a section and learn these great solo mandolin arrangements a phrase at a time. 

McReynolds Cross-Style Picking with Jordan Ramsey

Jordan Ramsey is one of the premier modern proponents of McReynolds-style crosspicking in the country. He is the 2008 RockyGrass Mandolin Champion, and the 2016 National Mandolin Championship in Winfield, KS. This set of videos focuses on the right hand picking patterns and the left hand partial chord shapes used in the keys of G major, A major, D major and C major. Have fun with the world of McReynolds Style Cross-Picking Patterns.

Chris Henry's Bluegrass Lessons

Chris Henry has certainly done his homework on Monroe style mandolin playing and is considered one of the top Monroe style players on the scene today. Chris also grew up making instructional videos for "The Murphy Method", a family business focused on teaching bluegrass music by ear. His video lessons therefor do not include any notation or tablature. If you are new to this way of learning, I encourage you to give it a try, even though it may seem harder at first. Listen carefully and watch his hands, then simply try to imitate what you see and hear on the screen. Be sure to use Soundslice to slow down and loop sections for easier learning.

Tim Connell's Solo Mandolin Arrangements

Meet Tim Connell a modern mandolin player from the Pacific Northwest. These videos feature solo mandolin arrangements, meaning that the mandolin covers the melody, chords, rhythms, bass lines and and other recognizable parts all at the same time without any accompaniment. These arrangements are intermediate to advanced level so be sure to slow them down, loop a section and learn them a few measures at a time.

Alan Epstein's Mandolin Vitamins

These are a collection of short lessons intended to help those that are fairly new to the mandolin. Beginner Level