"Music is a conversation, not a contest."

What Goes Up... Must Go Down

Alternate picking and its cousin the tremolo are considered essential techniques for the mandolin player to master. Whether you play fiddle tunes, rags, bluegrass, classical, jazz, or Led Zeppelin, a well-organized right hand is essential to mandolin playing. This workshop includes a series of exercises designed to build right-hand strength and coordination. Soon after you have added these exercises to your daily routine, you should notice a difference and be able to play faster, smoother, and more relaxed. 

Video 1: Right Hand Stuff

Video 2: Using Your Metronome

Video 3: Basic Alternate Picking

Video 4: Dividing By Two, Three, and Four

Video 5: Crossing Strings

Video 6: G-String Exercises

Video 7: D-String Exercises

Video 8: A-String Exercises

Video 9: E-String Exercises

Video 10: Starting On The Upbeat (up-stroke)

Video 11: Playing The Rests

Video 12: Tremolo

Video 13: More Fun With Your Metronome

Video 14: Crucial Scale Sequences: G Major

Video 15: Crucial Scale Sequence One Variations

Video 16: Crucial Scale Sequence Two Variations

Video 17: Crucial Scale Sequence Three Variations

Video 18: Crucial Scale Sequence Four Variations